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Published on 01 May 2011

ImageSimon Fox


Our Station Manager, keeping us under control and on track with a firm and experienced hand.

David Braithwaite


Our backroom boy par excellence, David is our secret weapon in the fight to keep our equipment running.

ImageAlan Brett


Alan has been at HHTV for rather longer than most of us. A professional Stills photographer, the training and knowledge gleaned from many people at the Station enabled him to provide professional quality videos for his company.

ImageSimon Lloyd


Simon is the longest serving / surviving member of HHTV, joining when it was all starting nearly thirty years ago. Over the years he has done just about everything at the studio from studio directing to unblocking the toilet, apart from ever being in front of the cameras. He works for the BBC as a technical instructor in News Training.

ImageTony Kibbles


Tony is never seen in front of the cameras but is ubiquitous behind them. Equally at home with a power saw or a soldering iron, he's never confused the two.

ImageSam Sutton


After several years as our Treasurer, Sam's now our esteemed Secretary.

ImageChris Watson


Chris found us from our website, came along, liked it, and stayed. His interests lie on the technical side and he is one of the dedicated band of techies to be found whenever something complicated needs to be done. He's a superb cameraman too.

ImageSteve Westwood


Steve joined HHTV in 1991. With a background in theatre lighting design and stage management, he has no desire to be seen in front of the cameras. He now works as an IT Service Delivery Manager in the airline industry, having finally got what his family considers to be a real job!

Len Kerswill


Len is our lead Presenter, a man of many contacts.

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