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Published on 19 May 2012

We had a good turnout and a very productive day. Simon F, Steve , Simon L and David all turned out. Steve got a lesson in FinalCut Pro from Mr Fox, and may well become a competent editor within ten years or so, if he gets new glasses.

We then all set to work on the garden, which had become very overgrown. It's the only visible part of HHTV to the hospital at the moment, and a tidy-up has left it looking much better. We cleared the paths, removed dozens of sacks of leaves and cut down some of the overgrown plants.

Steve now has access to the accounts on our IT system,useful for the treasurer.

David has filled the studio with the new cameras from Arquiva and we couldn't resist the temptation of switching one on and see it work on the Triax adaptor. It didn't start as well as we had hoped - as three fools all failed to spot the huge label on the first camera saying "NO power supply in this camera"! When we tried it on a complete camera we had much more success, and we got a very clean looking picture. The cameras don't need Triax cable as they can work on Biax (standard Coax video cable). In total there are half a dozen camera channels, all with Triax base stations, studio view finders (+ a couple of ENG) and remote OCP panels. The down side is they didn't come with lenses. We found one suitable lens and we can probably find another but we are going to struggle to find more at the moment.

After a look at the roof, which needs some work, Simon L and Steve discussed the possibility of putting some of the new camera channels into an OB crate for things like the Carol Concert.

We then finished a good day with a beer in the local pub.

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