Written by Simon Lloyd Category: Programmes
Published on 05 June 2011

It has been years in the planning but at last we got to use our new gallery for the first time. This year's jog saw the new production control room in service. Some of the equipment had to be installed temporarily as it is not completed yet but this year we had enough space for five of us to sit comfortably and run the show.

Image Alison and Tony at work in front of the impressive new monitor stack - now boasting 24 working monitors.
Image Tony, Steve and Alison all getting to grips with the new technology.
Image This year we moved the studio outside. The tent provided a communications hub. However, the wonderful weather meant the Andrew got badly sun burned as he presented the programme.
Image Simon, Chris and a 90m lump of TV36 camera cable. At the end of the day hundreds of metres of camera cable all have to be wound up and put away again.
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