Written by Simon Fox Category: Training
Published on 10 January 2008

One thing we pride ourselves on at HHTV is training. Many of our members have years of experience in the industry, and a few are full time production trainers.

Over the years we have trained our members in areas such as camerawork, directing, and editing. A number of the have gone on find work in the media industry. The influx of new equipment means that there are great opportunities for training at Harefield. We’re very lucky to have just completed our Final Cut Pro editing suite.

It’s a Mac based system and enables us to make far more professional looking productions in terms of graphics, titles and streaming for the web. The great thing is that Final Cut Pro is now an industry standard system, so it’s a real advantage learning on something like this if people want to continue on into the industry. The setup may differ slightly but if you can edit on our system you should be able to use any Final Cut Pro system in the world.

But of course, there’s no point having a shiny new edit suit if no-one can use it, so we’re currently in the middle of a training programme, to get all our members up to speed. At the moment we are running a series of open days designed both for people with some editing experience and those who have never edited before. It’s designed to introduce people to the basic concepts of editing. But there’s also a more advanced one day course for those who are already editors and want to get up to speed on Final Cut Pro.

The suite was designed and assembled by Simon Lloyd and it can do some very clever things like recording from and playing out directly to air from the timeline.

However, as you can see the great thing about it is that it’s a really simple layout. Hopefully this will mean that people will be able to get to grips with the system without being put off by legions of switches and desks. The suite is also big enough to accommodate up to three people, so that we can train two people at a time with one trainer.

We’re planning to get everyone trained up in Final Cut Pro eventually. Together with camerawork and directing, this will form part of our multiskilling training so everyone will be able to shoot and edit their own work. Watch this space.

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